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About us and the programme

Who are the LinkMedics?

We are a team of British overseas trained doctors and dentists. After being rejected from UK universities, we all studied medicine or dentistry abroad before returning to the NHS. We created LinkMedics to support others in a similar situation, and as we have been through the same journey, we provide support on a personal level from our shared experiences.

What is the NHS induction programme?

The NHS induction programme is a safe and supported route to NHS employment as a junior doctor.

The programme is divided into 2-blocks: a 4-week "hands-on" induction block and a "formal employment" block.

During the induction block, you are placed in hospital and given the opportunity to gain ward experience, practice foundation level clinical skills, gain on-call experience and attend teaching. You are also given teaching on managing common emergencies and NHS protocol.

The "formal employment" block is a natural progression from induction and consists of 6-months of paid employment at both Foundation Year 1 (FY1) and Foundation Year 2 (FY2) levels.

The intention would be to help all doctors progress to an FY2 position following the programme and sign-off their CREST.

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Who is your induction programme aimed at?

Our NHS induction programme is for British overseas trained doctors who wish to return to the UK to progress with their medical training in the NHS.

Where will my induction programme take place?

Our NHS induction programme is created in partnership with partner NHS trusts across the UK. All trusts are briefed to provide an extra layer of clinical and educational supervision throughout the programme. During the programme, you will be placed under the supervision of a senior doctor from within the trust.

Will I be paid?

Yes, you will be paid at the Trust grade equivalent rate for your grade during the 6-months duration of employment.

You will not be paid for the 4-weeks induction programme.

What is a typical day?

You will be provided with an approximate timetable of scheduled activities for the induction block of the programme. The induction will be entirely "hands-on" and practical, where you will be able to practice your clinical skills and get a feel for your duties in a supported environment. It is difficult to control the everyday clinical environment, so although we can't predict exactly what will happen, we can say for sure that no two days will be the same!

Once you progress to your employment block, the mornings will generally consist of ward rounds with senior doctors and the afternoons will be when you have time to complete your jobs. You will have weekly foundation level teaching.

Will I get to choose the speciality/department that I am placed in for the programme?

No. Unfortunately, your hospital department will be assigned to you by the trust. Learning outcomes will be the same in each department, and you are supported regardless of where you are placed. You will be able to put forward your prefered trust and hospital location.

Will I get to do stuff?

Yes. But it depends on what you mean by "stuff".

Our NHS induction programme includes a mandatory 4-week block of "hands-on" hospital training. During this time you will be presented with practical competencies to get "signed off". You will have the opportunity to take on your future responsibilities as a junior doctor under guided supervision. This includes, but is not limited to, taking blood, clerking patients, presenting in MDT meetings, documentation, discharges, cannulation and catheterisation. You will also have the opportunity to attend weekly teaching sessions and theatre in surgical specialities.

During this period, you must never take it upon yourself to give medical advice and/or administer any medication or treatments, as you are not yet formally employed.

How many hours of clinical experience will I gain in one placement?

During the "hands-on" induction block of the programme, you will accumulate around 200 hours of frontline NHS experience (and considerably more if you chose to participate in our "buddy on-call shifts" teaching).

A lot of this depends entirely on you and how much you want to gain from induction. Your mentors will be more than happy for you to join them on additional evenings, weekends, on-call and theatre shifts. The yield from your induction block depends on how proactive you are!

Will I be placed with other graduates?

Although we cannot guarantee, there is a possibility that you may be placed with colleagues who apply to LinkMedics at a similar time.

What should I wear?

You are a junior doctor about to start formal employment in the NHS in a professional environment. Your appearance MUST resonate with that.

You will be expected to wear professional attire (formal) during the entire programme – each trust will have specific guidelines and criteria on your appearance and what you can and cannot wear. We will inform you of this closer to the time. If you are in a surgical speciality, you will be provided with scrubs. You mustn't wear your scrubs outside of the hospital environment for infection control.

Your ID card must be worn and visible at all times.

Can I cancel my induction if I can no longer make it?

Yes, you are within your rights to cancel participation in our induction programme at any time. The sooner you let us know the better, as we can help start the application process for another doctor who may have just missed out.

Due to the competitive nature of our programme, you may be subject to a penalty depending on when you cancel your place (as we could've given your place to another graduate).

Find out more about cancellations in our terms & conditions.

Will I be safe?

Our entire NHS induction programme complies with and is quality assured by the standards of Good Medical Practice set out by the General Medical Council (GMC). Our programme is developed in line with foundation programme criteria set out by the GMC and Health Education England. We also follow individual trust guidelines on junior doctor training and recruitment.

You will never be expected to do anything you are not comfortable with nor will you ever be left unsupervised. Our UK team will always be on-call should you have any queries about your induction, the city you are placed in, including accommodation, transport, food, places to eat and anything else you may need! LinkMedics also provide bespoke, ongoing pastoral care through the programme and beyond to ensure you are settling in well.

Extra COVID-19 precautions are in place which you will be made aware of before you start.

Our eligibility and application process

What is your eligibility?

You must provide evidence that you have completed your final medical school examsand you must be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC).

To ensure we protect our programme partners and any patients you will interact with, you must pass our admissions process. Our induction programme is currently only open to British overseas trained doctors. For more details, please see our eligibility criteria.

Is your induction programme available to graduates from UK universities?

No. Our programme is aimed at overseas graduates who do not have the same NHS experience or opportunities to progress to training posts in the UK.

Do I need a UK passport?

You will need a valid passport and the right to travel, enter and work in the UK.

Is your induction programme open to medical students or overseas graduates who are not British nationals?

No. Our induction programme is currently only open to Doctors with a valid GMC registration. We do not offer a pre-med/pre-dental programme at this time.

Our induction programme is currently only open to British nationals qualifying abroad. However, if you have a indefinite Right To Work & Remain in the UK, without a VISA, there should be no problem on-boarding you onto the programme.

How do I apply to the induction programme?

To apply to the programme, use the online application platform here. You only need your CV to start your application.

What documents are required?

You only need your CV to start your application. Once your place on the programme is confirmed, our admission team will guide you through the rest of the process. This will include (but is not limited to) an identity check, occupational health check and criminal record check. We have streamlined the entire process and will support you throughout the programme.

How much does it cost to take part in your induction programme?

Participation in the programme is currently free. You are expected to pay an "induction programme fee" to secure your place. This fee will be refunded to you in full once you arrive at your induction hospital. Find out more about our induction programme fees here.

Am I guaranteed a place after I submit my initial application?

Unfortunately, no. We do not operate on a first-come-first-served basis, and as there are a limited number of spaces, applications remain competitive. All applications are equally assessed.

How will I know if my application has been accepted?

All successful applicants will be contacted within 4 weeks of application closure. It’s more than likely we will contact you sooner than this, but we allow 4 weeks as a provision, to give us time to liaise with our programme partners.

Due to a high number of applicants, only successful applicants will be contacted and we may not be able to provide feedback on every occasion.

Can I submit more than one application?

No. You can only submit one application per programme cycle.

Can I cancel my application?

Yes. You are within your rights to cancel an application, but you may be charged a penalty fee depending on when you cancel. Find out more information here.

Support and guidance around your induction

How will I be supported during the programme?

You will be supported a lot.

We recognise that this is your first job in the NHS, and we have provided the extra blanket of support you need to help get you settled.

We have a dedicated admissions team who will guide you through every step of the process. During the programme, you have dedicated educational and clinical supervisors from the trust who will help you develop your clinical skills, knowledge and experience in a safe and supported environment. They will be responsible for your progression through the programme.

LinkMedics provide dedicated mentoring and coaching for the entire duration of the programme, and beyond. This includes world-class pastoral care and support from doctors who have been through the same transition process before you. The transition can seem daunting, but we have invested the time and resources to be available to you 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. You will never be left alone.

Do you provide flights and accommodation?

No. We do not provide flights or accommodation. Doctors are expected to plan and cover the costs of these themselves. In some cases, we may be able to find you cheaper hospital accommodation or organise protected bubble accommodation with colleagues on the programme.

Do you provide food?

For whatever reason, this is one we get asked commonly.

No, we do not provide food. However, most of the trusts that we work with have an on-site restaurant/canteen that provides good quality meals at a relatively cheap price.