What's our story?

“After rejection from medical school in the UK, aged 18, I moved abroad to Eastern Europe where I lived and trained as a doctor. 6-years later, I’m now working as an SHO in Acute and Emergency medicine in the NHS, and reflecting on the journey I can say it’s been incredibly tough, but so rewarding! In my 5th year of medical school, in late 2019, I decided I wanted to create a platform that would help doctors and medical students in a similar situation to me have equal opportunities in the NHS.. and so LinkMedics was born!

Over the last few years, with support from NHS England, several commercial partners and a strong team, LinkMedics has evolved from just an idea into a digital platform capable of connecting overseas trained doctors with training and employment opportunities in the NHS!

Our team at LinkMedics have all embarked on the same journey, enduring 6-years of medical school abroad before returning to work in the NHS. Our shared passion for our programme really helps us to work together to achieve our goals, supporting each of our doctors with a truly personal perspective”.

~ Our founders story

Our Board

Our board map out our commercial strategy and provide clinical governance to our organisation. Our board also form part of an independent Medical Advisory Group (MAG), chaired by Prof. Simon Rudland, which ensures the highest levels of compliance and onboarding, to protect our NHS partners. Over the last 12-months, Simon and Paul have brought their shared clinical and commercial expertise to LinkMedics, and their network and connections are vital to strategic growth.

Our Core Team

Our team is at the heart of every induction that we facilitate, with no outsourcing. They manage all daily business activities, ensuring all doctors receive a personalised service. In a nutshell, leave the paperwork to us and focus on your induction hassle free!

International Team

Our ambassadors are responsible for strategic international growth and expansion of LinkMedics to ensure we achieve our goals of being an inclusive organisation. As a collective of British overseas medical students and doctors, they understand your concerns, and know first-hand how to bridge the gap.

Join our team

We are always on the look out for strong team players and lateral thinkers, with excellent communication and problem-solving skills who would engage in our monthly meetings and lead key research and developmental activities. If you are interested in medical leadership, medical education and MedTech, with entrepreneurial flare, we would love to hear from you. References will be provided.

Our core team and ambassador applications are currently closed. If you are still interested in joining our team you can contact us here.